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August 31st, 2008

The latest ARRIVALS to the Club ~

Christine Warrens " Walk on the Wild Side"                    
The Demon You Know by Christine Warren

Kitty Sugarman is a lot tougher than her name implies. Still, she’s content with how her small- town life keeps her removed from all the changes happening in the world—like the Unveiling of the Others. That is, until a near-tragedy strikes and Kitty discovers she has abilities . . .thanks to a father she never knew was alive. He also happens to be a were-lion and leader of one of the most powerful Prides out West.

When Kitty heads to Vegas to find out more about her father, it’s his sexy, seductive second-in-command or baas of the Pride, Marcus Stewart, who commands her attention. Now that she has tempted Marcus’s hunger for a mate, Kitty finds herself stuck in a vicious struggle for her father’s fortune, while deadly unrest stirs within the pride. Kitty’s rivals won’t rest until she’s gone for good, but Marcus will fight until his last breath to save her…even if it means going against the pride.

Carolyn Jewel's " My Wicked Enemy "

Awesome Cover of My Wicked Enemy



Carson Philips is a witch on the run from unimaginable evil; straight into the arms of Nikodemus, a demon who's sworn to kill her.

Magic and its sensual pull lie at the heart of this super-sizzling paranormal adventure. The transformation of this heroine from victim to powerful witch is exciting and sexy. As heroes go, Nikodemus is tough to beat, and the secondary characters are dangerously fascinating. If you like your paranormal steamy, this is the book for you! Jill Smith, Romantic Times

Multi-Author Book ; Maggie Shayne, Jeaniene Frost, Terri Garey and Kathryn Smith
" Weddings from Hell "

Weddings from Hell


Editorial Reviews

Product Description

Some marriages are made in heaven . . . Some are not.

What happens when "the happiest day of your life" turns into a nightmare? Forget the drunken best man or the bridesmaid dresses from the '80s . . . none of these wedding day disasters can compare to a cursed bride determined to make it down the aisle, or a vampire who is about to disrupt your wedding.

Join New York Times bestselling authors Maggie Shayne and Jeaniene Frost, USA Today bestseller Kathryn Smith, as well as Terri Garey in four unforgettable tales of unholy matrimony . . . where the grooms are dark, dangerous, and mostly dead, and to love and cherish till death takes on a whole new meaning.

And last BUT not Least...,

Nina Bangs " A Taste of Darkness "

A Taste of Darkness by Nina Bangs: Book Cover



The Mackenzie council, in its infinite stupidity, has ordered Reinn to protect the purity of the clan’s bloodline. What purity? They’re all just a bunch of bloodsuckers! Besides, how can he destroy a clan member for mating with someone not on the council’s approved list when the very sight of a certain little werecat revs his engine?

Kisa Evans makes it impossible for him to think about anything but the dangerous fantasy of freeing his own inner beast. No matter how he fights the desire to feel the soft heat of her throat beneath his lips, the craving only grows. Kisa may be the enemy, but he longs to show her the sweet ecstasy to be found in -- A Taste of Darkness

HOPE this HELPS everyone with a sampling of the NEW BOOKS out there!!!!!

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