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"Howl At The Night" By Christine Warren

OK ladies this is ready to go....and let me just add....HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT.....T

Editorial Reviews


“[A] sexy, engaging world…that draws you in, never lets you go, and will leave you begging for more!”—USA Today bestselling author Cheyenne McCray

Product Description

Noah Baker never wanted to betray The Others. But if his military commanders want him to covertly investigate a Lupine scientist—whose extraordinary research on sensory perception in werewolves could be used to develop werewolf-sharp senses in human soldiers—Noah must oblige. Even if it means deceiving the woman he desires the most.

Samantha Carstairs is the personal assistant to the Alpha of the Silverback Clan, and as best friend to the Lupine community’s most brilliant scientist, she is privy to its most dangerous secret. Noah knows that Sam will never leak the scientific research…so he must find another way to get it, while keeping Sam close. But someone else is after Sam’s secret. Who is the other spy infiltrating The Others? If their genetic secrets get into the wrong hands, all hell could break loose. Now Noah’s true loyalty is put to the test as he fights to protect The Others—and his beloved Sam—and find the imposter…before it’s too late.
 Tammy, I'm sending you the Christine Warren book today. Look for it this week!
OK....ladies another one available to send.....T

Editorial Reviews

Romantic Times Magazine, 4 1/2 Stars, HOT
Leave it to the awe-inspiring Cole to dish up a combustible mix of sorcery and passion. One for the keeper shelf!

Book Description
Her breathless kiss haunts him...
Bowen MacRieve of the Lykae clan was nearly destroyed when he lost the one woman meant for him. The ruthless warrior grew even colder, never taking another to his bed -- until a smoldering encounter with his enemy, Mariketa the Awaited, reawakens his darkest desires. When sinister forces unite against her, the Highlander finds himself using all his strength and skill to keep her alive.

His slow, hot touch is irresistible...

Temporarily stripped of her powers, Mari is forced to take refuge with her sworn adversary. It's rumored that no one can tempt Bowen's hardened heart, but soon passion burns between them. Though a future together is impossible, she fears he has no intention of letting her go.

No deed is too wicked for her seduction...

If they defeat the evil that surrounds them, can Mari deny Bowen when he demands her body and soul -- or will she risk everything for her fierce protector?

"Single White Vampire" By Lynsay Sands

Ok ladies.....this book is ready to be sent out....let me know if you want to read.....T

From Publishers Weekly
Readers weary of the tortured, brooding, all-too-serious vampires that often populate paranormal romance novels will appreciate Sands's (The Loving Daylights, etc.) cheeky, madcap tale about an immortal who finds eternal happiness with his editor. Reclusive Lucern Argeneau, a family biographer who has been classified as a paranormal romance author, is stunned when Kate C. Leever, his new editor at Roundhouse Publishing (read: Dorchester), shows up on his doorstep demanding he make a public appearance to appease his fans. After some urging from the beguiling Kate, he agrees to go to the Romantic Times convention, little knowing that he'll have to contend with adoring fans and a week full of parties and signings. Some of the plot twists verge on the absurd-such as when Luc's codpiece sticks to a tablecloth at a Renaissance ball, or when Kate fells an attacker with a pillow-and Kate's reluctance to admit her feelings for Luc because she assumes she's "just supper" to him is aggravating. Still, vampire lovers will find themselves laughing throughout.
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist
This uproariously hilarious romance features an intrepid romance editor, Kate C. Leever, who goes to Toronto to convince reclusive romance writer Lucern Argeneau to do some publicity. She has no idea that he is a gorgeous, silvery-eyed 612-year-old vampire, and that the characters in his best-selling vampire romance novels have the same names and occupations as members of his family. When his mother tells him that he should cooperate just to get Kate off his back, Lucern agrees, not realizing that he's committed himself to attending a romance convention. Being a vampire of his word he does go, then, when his blood supply doesn't show up, Kate comes up with the idea of robbing a bank--a blood bank, that is. Other convulsively comic interludes include a struggle over a seriously stuck codpiece at the Renaissance Ball. Sizzlingly sensuous sex is appropriate to the plot and pacing, adding to the delight of Sands' tale, the first installment in the Argeneau series. Diana Tixier Herald
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Here's a sampling of whats coming...,

MORE from Kresley Cole..,

Dark Needs at Night's Edge (The Immortals After Dark Series, Book 4)

Product Description
Bestselling author Kresley Cole continues her seductive Immortals After Dark series with this tale of a vampire shunned even by his own kind and a beautiful phantom, bound together by a passion they cannot resist.



Néomi Laress, a famous ballerina from a past century, became a phantom the night she was murdered. Imbued with otherworldly powers but invisible to the living, she haunts her beloved home, scaring away trespassers -- until she encounters a ruthless immortal even more terrifying than Néomi herself.



To prevent him from harming others, Conrad Wroth's brothers imprison him in an abandoned manor. But there, a female only he can see seems determined to drive him further into madness. The exquisite creature torments him with desire, leaving his body racked with lust and his soul torn as he finds himself coveting her for his own.



Yet even if Conrad can win Néomi, evil still surrounds her. Once he returns to the brutality of his past to protect her, will he succumb to the dark needs seething inside him? 

RELEASE date : April 29th 2008

Dark Desires After Dusk (The Immortals After Dark, Book 5)

Product Description
RITA Award-winning author Kresley Cole continues her bestselling Immortals After Dark series with this electrifying tale of a ruthless demon mercenary and the lovely young halfling who enchants him.

A seductive beauty he can
never have, yet can't resist...

Cadeon Woede will stop at nothing to atone for the one wrong that will haunt him forever. But once he secures the key to his redemption, the halfling Holly Ashwin, Cade finds that the woman he thought he could use for his own ends and then forget haunts him as much as his past.

A tormented warrior she
should fear, but can't deny...

Raised as a human, Holly never knew that some frightening legends are real until she encounters a brutal demon who inexplicably guards her like a treasure. Thrust into a sensual new world of myth and power, with him as her protector, she begins to crave the demon's wicked touch.

Surrender to dark desires...

Yet just when he earns Holly's trust, will Cade be forced to betray the only woman who can sate his wildest needs -- and claim his heart? 

RELEASE date : May 20th, 2008

ANOTHER from JR Ward

Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 6) 

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
As Primale of the Chosen, the fiercely loyal Phury has sacrificed himself for the good of his race. But his first mate, the Chosen Cormia, wants not only his body but his heart for herself. As tragedy looms over the Brotherhood’s mansion, Phury must decide between duty and love…

RELEASE DATE : June 3rd, 2008

More from Christine Warren

Walk on the Wild Side (The Others, Book 5) 

Product Description

In national bestseller Christine Warren’s Others novels, vampires, witches, werewolves, and more have come out of the supernatural closet. Now, the world as we know it will never be the same...

Kitty Sugarman is a lot tougher than her name implies. Still, she’s content with how her small- town life keeps her removed from all the changes happening in the world—like the Unveiling of the Others. That is, until a near-tragedy strikes and Kitty discovers she has abilities . . .thanks to a father she never knew was alive. He also happens to be a were-lion and leader of one of the most powerful Prides out West.


When Kitty heads to Vegas to find out more about her father, it’s his sexy, seductive second-in-command or baas of the Pride, Marcus Stewart, who commands her attention. Now that she has tempted Marcus’s hunger for a mate, Kitty finds herself stuck in a vicious struggle for her father’s fortune, while deadly unrest stirs within the pride. Kitty’s rivals won’t rest until she’s gone for good, but Marcus will fight until his last breath to save her…even if it means going against the pride.

RELEASE date : June 3rd, 2008

One Bite With A Stranger (The Others)

No description posted for this YET.

RELEASE date : Spet 30th, 2008

OK just wanted to show WHATS coming to those of you that may be becoming addicted to these Authors. UPDATES on other Authors in our Library will be coming SOON!

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 Alright, I can ship out "She's No Faerie Princess" by Christine Warren. I haven't had a chance yet by this week I can. Let me know who wants it. Very funny and hot. Great combo!
Special shout out to Nikki  for her contribution of a NEW series called the Darkwing Chronicles.

Also NEED to mention a shout out to Hula for "She's no Fairie Princess " as well as the introducing Christine Warren to us all.

Also THANKSSSSSSSSS " T " for turning me onto " J.R. Ward "

Also an update has occured that was a lapse on MY part. I neglected to ADD each of you to MOD status as so you can update the library with any new arrivals..., Tickers on new authors, etc.

ONLY Members have this authority.

** Also PLEASE remember. When you are DONE with a BOOK...List that you have one ready for shipping..., same GOES when you are READY for one. Make a POST so that others will know. **

This way we might all save a tad from our addiction to books as well as learn about some of the better Authors out there....word of mouth..err, should I say finger to eye?

Have a Great Weekend everyone !

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Latest shipped and Latest ready.

Ok..Nik, " A hunger like no other" Is on it's way !!!


BOTH JR Ward books are ready for SHIPPING.

Let me know who is ready for another BOOK ! I think Nik is still waiting for WORD about shipping her book off too.


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